Graduate Student Placement

In the following records, "Assistant Professor" indicates a tenure-track position unless otherwise noted. We include students who took degrees in Comparative Literature but whose dissertations were directed by English Department faculty; all such students are identified by asterisks.


Dissertation Title Field Current Position
Anna Jones Abramson The Age of Atmosphere: Air, Affect, and Technology in Modernist Literature 20th-Century British Postdoctoral Fellow (2016-17), Mahindra Humanities Center, Harvard University
Ashley Barnes American Love Stories: Narrative Ethics and the Novel from Stowe to James 19th-Century American Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Dallas
Lynn Huang Contrived Conversions: The Master Narrative of Educational Uplift 20th-Century Multi-Ethnic Assistant Professor, Diablo Valley College, San Ramon
Monica Huerta The Evidence of Things Unseen: Law, Photography, and Expression 19th-Century American; American Studies Postdoctoral Fellow (2016-19), Princeton Society of Fellows, Princeton
Sarah Mangin The Skeptical Pilgrims of Spiritual Autobiography 17th- and 18th-Century British Assistant Professor, College of San Mateo
Rosa Angelica Martinez Assistant Professor, Sacramento State University
Ella Mershon Passing Forms: Decay and the Making of Victorian Culture Victorian Postdoctoral Fellow (2016-18), Center for the Humanities and Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Samia Shabnam Rahimtoola Disturbance Poetics: American Postmodernity and the Ecology of Disaster 20th-century American; Environmental Literature Assistant Professor, Bowdoin College
Benjamin A. Saltzman Secrecy and Concealment in Anglo-Saxon England “(600-1100) Medieval/Old English Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
Michelle Ty On Self-Forgetting: Receptivity and the Inhuman Encounter in the Modernist Moment Modernism; Critical Theory Assistant Professor, Clemson University


Dissertation Title Field Current Position
Juliana H. Chow “Literature of Diminishment: American Regionalism and the Writing of Nature.” 19th-Century American; Literature and the Environment Assistant Professor, St. Louis University
Nilofar Gardezi African American ACLS Public Fellows Program (2015-2017)
Alvin Henry “Through the Second Looking Glass: Inventing the Minority Bildungsroman.” African American Assistant Professor, St. Lawrence University
Jessie Hoch* “Bodies Atomic: Lucretius and Renaissance Poetry.” Early Modern Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University
Joseph P Jordan “Dickens Novels as Verse.” Victorian Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Nicholas Junkerman “Visible Deliverances: The Fact and Figure of Miracle in Eighteenth Century America.” Early American Assistant Professor, Skidmore College
Marisa Palacios Knox “Identification Crises: Victorian Women and Wayward Reading.” 19th-Century British Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley
Sookyoung (Soo) Lee “The Prosaics of Weak Modernism.” Modernism Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-17), Connecticut College
Manya Lempert “Tragedy after Darwin.” Modernism Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
Rosa Angelica Martinez “Extravagant Passing: Masquerade in the American Literary Imagination.” American Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-16), MIT
Christopher Mead “Mass Communication: The Eucharist and Authorship in Early Modern England” Early Modern; History of the Book Assistant Professor (renewable three-year contract), University of Utah - Honors College
Rebecca Munson “Shakespeare Offstage: Drama and Cultural Currency, 1603-1660.” Early Modern Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-16), Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry, Emory University
Gillian K. Osborne “Bad Seeds: Inhuman poetics in Nineteenth-century America.” Nineteenth- 19th-Century American; Literature and the Environment. Environmental Fellow (2015-17), Harvard University. Declined tenure-track Lectureship at Bristol Unversity (England).
Rasheed Tazudeen “Animal Metaphor and the Unmaking of the Human: Darwin, Modernism, and Contemporary Environmental Ethics.” Modernism Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the Jasckon Humanities Institute (2015-17), University of Toronto
Ian M. Thomas-Bignami “Pale Light: Natural Difficulties and Poetic Epistemology in the Enlightenment.” 18th-Century British Instructor (tenure-track), Diablo Valley College
Sunny Xiang Voicing Asia: Literary Character and Human Rights Asian American; Contemporary; Global Anglophone Assistant Professor, Yale University


Dissertation Title Field Current Position
Alex Benson Culture as Talk: American Literature and the Ethnography of Utterance, 1880–1945 19th; 20th-Century American Assistant Professor, Bard College
Natalia Cecire A Sense of the Real: Experimental Writing and the Sciences, 1879-1946 American; Poetry; Digital Humanities Permanent Lecturer, University of Sussex
Alvin Henry Through the Second Looking Glass: Inventing the Minority Bildungsroman African American Postdoc, Middlebury College
Monica Huerta The Evidence of Things Unseen: Law, Photography, and Expression African American; 19th-Century American Postdoc, Duke University
Nicholas Junkerman Visible Deliverances: The Fact and Figure of Miracle in Eighteenth-Century America Early American Visitng Assistant Professor, Skidmore College
Seulghee Lee "Other Lovings": Abjection, Love Bonds, and the Queering of Race African American; Asian American, 20th-Century American, Critical Theory Postdoc, Williams College
Rebecca Munson Shakespeare Offstage: Drama and Cultural Currency, 1603-1660 Early Modern Postdoc, UCLA
Sangina Patnaik The Wake of War: Reparation in Law and Literature The Novel; 20th & 21st-Century British Assistant Professor, Swarthmore College
Jill Richards Fire-Starters: Women’s Rights, Human Rights, and the International Avant-Gardes Modernism Assistant Professor, Yale University
Benjamin A. Saltzman Holding the Sacred: Discourses of Secrecy and Concealment in Early Medieval England (600-1100) Old English; Medieval Postdoc, Cal Tech


Dissertation Title Field Current Position
Aaron J. Bady White Men's Country: The Image of Africa in the American Century African; 20th & 21st-Century American Postdoc, University of Texas, Austin
Jasper Bernes The Work of Art in the Age of Deindustrialization 20th; 21st-Century American; Poetry Berkeley Lecturer
Catherine Cronquist Browning Bower of Books: Reading Children in Nineteenth-Century British Literature Romantic; Victorian; Children's Literature Berkeley Lecturer
Daniel Clinton Mechanical Reproduction in the Age of Immediacy 19th; 20th-Century American Postdoc, Rutgers
Jesse Costantino Fighting Form: Boxing and the Aesthetic Containment of Violence American Assistant Professor, Notre Dame
Marta Figlerowicz Eyebread: Making Feelings Matter Narrative and the Novel Society of Fellows, Harvard (2013-2014) Assistant Professor, Yale University (2014)
Jessica Fisher Lyric Subjectivities Poetry Assistant Professor, Williams College
Marisa Palacios Knox Identification Crises: Victorian Women and Wayward Reading 19th-Century British Berkeley Lecturer
Marcelle Maese-Cohen Labor, Love, and Murder in the Americas: Decolonizing the Human in Chicana/o Literature Chicano/a Assistant Professor, University of San Diego


Dissertation Title Field Current Position
Ashley Barnes American Love Stories: Narrative Ethics and the Novel from Stowe to James American Visiting Assistant Professor, Williams College
Alex Benson Culture as Talk: American Literature and the Ethnography of Utterance, 1880-1945 19th; 20th-Century American Visiting Assistant Professor, Bard College
Zachary Gordon History's Unmentionables: References and Interiority in the Contemporary American Historical Novel 20th-Century British; 20th-Century American; Fiction and History Berkeley Lecturer
James J Lee Irrational Sense in Renaissance England Early Modern Assistant Professor, Grinnell College
Charles Legere Reading Close Reading: Twentieth-Century Criticism, Twenty-First-Century Poetry Poetry University of Pittsburgh, Postdoctoral Fellow at Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
Brendan Prawdzik Milton on Stage: Drama, Sin, and the Holy Script Early Modern Literature and Culture Assistant Professor, Christian Brothers University
Megan Pugh American Movement: Dance and the Formation of a National Style 19th; 20th-Century American; American Movement: Dance History and its Backgrounds Berkeley Lecturer
Swati Rana Brownness: Mixed Identifications in Minority Immigrant Literature, 1900-1960 Postcolonial Assistant Professor, UC Santa Barbara
Margaret Ronda Disenchanted Georgics: The Aesthtics of Labor in American Poetry 20th-Century Poetry Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
Margaret Ronda Disenchanted Georgics: The Aesthetics of Labor in American Poetry 20th-Century Poetry Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
David Simon Renaissance Assistant Professor, University of Chicago


Dissertation Title Field Current Position
Dominika Bednarska Ability Underneath: Bodies in the Literary Imagination 20th-Century; Poetry Berkeley Lecturer
Natalia Cecire A Sense of the Real: Experimental Writing and the Sciences, 1879-1946 American Postdoc, Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry at Emory University
Christopher Chen Not to Repeat History: Racialization and Combinatory Textuality in Contemporary Asian American and African American Experimental Writing 20th-Century; Poetry Assistant Professor, UC Santa Cruz
Kristin Fujie Ties of Blood: Gender, Race, and Faulkner American Assistant Professor, Lewis & Clark College
Amanda Goldstein Romanticism Assistant Professor, Cornell
Blake M. Hausman Becoming Joaquin Murrieta: John Rollin Ridge and the Making of an Icon American; Native American Assistant Professor, Portland Community College
Andrea A Lankin Shaping the World: The Geographies of Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Laud Misc. 108 Medieval Berkeley Lecturer
Andrew Leong Asian American; 20th-Century Comparative Literature Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
Marisa Libbon Cultural Nostalgia and the Production of Collective Identity in Medieval England Medieval Bard College: Schallek Fellowship, Medieval Academy of America
John Lurz Reading Volumes: The Book, the Body and the Mediation of Modernism 20th-Century British Assistant Professor, Tufts University
Theodore Martin Contemporary Drift: The Tenses of the Present and the Afterlives of Genre 20th-Century American Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Marques Jerard Redd Ancient Egypt, Sacred Science, and Transatlantic Romanticism Romanticism Assistant Professor, Marquette University
Patrick Jose Schwieterman Fairies, Kingship, and the British Past in Walter Map's De Nugis Curialium and Sir Orfeo Medieval Adjunct Professor, University of San Francisco
Matthew Sergi Play Texts and Public Practice in the Chester Cycle, 1422-1607 Medieval Assistant Professor, Wellesley College
Janice Tanemura Ethnic Vistas: Minorities, the Environment, and the Welfare State 20th-Century American Berkeley Lecturer
Sarah Townsend Celtic Arrivals: Globalization and Irish Literature, 1907-2007 20th-Century British and Irish Assistant Professor, University of South Dakota
Tiffany Tsao Mutations of Progress: Evolution and Civilisation in Indonesian Archipelago Postcolonial Lecturer, Universtiy of Newcastle
Timothy Clayton Wood No American Miltons: Melville, Zukofsky, and America's Lost Epic Tradition 20th-Century American; Poetry Assistant Professor, SUNY Nassau Community College


Dissertation Title Field Current Position
Kelvin Black Thinking at the Limit: The Origins and Effects of Modern Revolutionary Thought in Britain and the U.S. 18th & 19th-Century Transatlantic Assistant Professor, Hunter College, CUNY
Audrey S. Clark The Asian American Avant-Garde: Universalist Aspirations in Early Asian American Literature Ethnic and Minority Literatures Assistant Professor, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis
Jeremy S Ecke The Metrical Imagination: Middle English Metrics and Alliterative Standardization Medieval and Linguistics Assistant Professor of English and Linguistics, University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Erin E Edwards Corpse and Character: Body as Trope in the Modern American Novel and Film 20th-Century American Assistant Professor, Miami University, Ohio
Kristin Fujie Modernist Literature Assistant Professor, Ripon College, Wisconsin,
Peter Goodwin Styling Manhood: Literary Language and Theatrical Masculinity in American Fiction, 1799-1860 19th-Century American Berkeley Lectureship
Hillary Gravendyk Experimental Embodiments: Poetry, Subjectivity, and the Phenomenology of the Body 19th & 20th-Century American Poetry Assistant Professor, Pomona College
Joseph P Jordan Dickens Novels as Verse 19th-Century British Berkeley Lectureship
Cody Marrs Wayward Poets: Whitman, Melville, Douglass, and the Politics of Time 19th-Century American Assistant Professor, University of Georgia
Annie McClanahan Salto Mortale: Narrative, Speculation, and the Chance of the Future American Literature; Marxist Theory Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Benjamin Morgan Modernism Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
Nicholas Nace The Critical Baroque in English Literature, 1650-1750 17th & 18th-Century British Visiting Professor, SUNY Binghamton
Joseph Ring Wonderstruck: Early Modern Aesthetics of Astonishment in Spenserian and Shakespearean Romance Renaissance Berkeley Lecturer
Snehal Shingavi The Mahatma Misunderstood: the politics and forms of South Asian literary nationalism Postcolonial Assistant Professor, University of Texas
Vlasta Vranjes Marriage and National Identity in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture 19th-Century British Assistant Professor, Fordham University


Dissertation Title Field Current Position
Jami L Bartlett The Novel as Theory of Reference 19th-Century British Assistant Professor, UC Irvine
Christopher Eagle Cratylism and Its Discontents: Modernist Theories of the Perfect Language 20th-Century Visiting Professor, University of West Sydney
Erin E Edwards Aesthetics of Uncertainty: U.S. Investigative Narratives of Fraudulent Embodiment, 1900-1920 20th-Century American Visiting Assistant Professor
Blaine Greteman Problem Children: Concepts of Childhood in Early Modern Politics and Culture Renaissance Assistant Professor, University of Iowa
Becky Hsu (Un)Settling Suburbia: Asian American Suburban Narraties in the Nineties Asian American Teach for America
Paul Hurh Epistemology and Terror in Early American Literature: Edwards, Poe, Melville Early American Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
Eleanor Johnson Sensible Prose and the Sense of Meter: Boethian Prosimetrics in Fourteenth-Century England Medieval Assistant Professor, Columbia University
Karen D. Leibowitz The Reticence Effect: Narrative Interiority in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel 20th-Century British Lit (Modern emphasis) Berkeley Lectureship
Ryan McDermott The Gay Hermeneutic: Victorian Genealogies of Homosexuality and the Practice of Reading Victorian Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (advertising)
Fiona Murphy Authorship Delayed: Strategies of Deferral in British Women's Writing 17th & 18th-Century British Assistant Professor, University of the Ozarks
Marguerite Nguyen Vietnamese-American Encounters: Race, Power, and Literary Innovation Asian American Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University
Christopher Weinberger Comparative Literature, English & Japanese Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University


Dissertation Title Field Current Position
Mark Allison Wandering Between Two Worlds: Middleness in Victorian Literature and Culture 19th-Century British Assistant Professor, Ohio Wesleyan
Penelope Anderson Friendship's Shadows: Women's Ethical Friendship and Political Identity in the English Civil Wars 16th & 17th-Century British Assistant Professor, Indiana University
Erika Clowes The Anal Aesthetic: Regressive Narrative Strategies in Modernism 20th-Century British & American Berkeley Lecturer
Talissa Ford Prophets and Pirates: The Space of Empire in British Romantic Literature Romanticism Assistant Professor, Temple University
Monika Gehlawat Boom: The New York City Flaneur in Postwar American Literature and Art 20th-Century American Assistant Professor, University of Southern Mississppi
Luciana Herman American Race, Republicanism and Transnational Revolution Early American Lecturer, Harvard's Kennedy School of Public Policy
Christine Hong Legal Fictions: Human Rights Cultural Production and The Pax Americana in the Pacific Rim American Studies/Asian American Assistant Professor, UC Santa Cruz
Victor Mendoza The Erotics of "White Love"; or, Queering Philippine-US Relations Postcolonial Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
James Murphy Revision and the Making of Modernism 20th-Century British, 20th-Century American Lecturer, Havard (History & Literature Program)
Alia Yap Pan Remembering Bodies: Subject Formation in the Neo-Plantation Narrative Postcolonial Scholar in Residence, Center for Race & Gender, UC Berkeley
Darryl Stephens Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads: How Ink Marks on a Page Become Neural Images and Emotions in a Brain 19th;20th-Century American US Government
Charles Sumner The Aesthetics of Failure in Anglo-American Modernist Literature 20th-Century British, 20th-Century American Assistant Professor, University of Southern Mississippi


Dissertation Title Field Current Position
Arthur Bahr Convocational and Compilational Play in Medieval London Literary Culture Medieval MIT, Assistant Professor
Julie Carr Surface Tension: Affect, Time, and Critique in Late-Victorian Poetry Victorian & Creative Writing University of Colorado, Boulder, Assistant Professor;
Andrew Daniel I Know Not Why I Am So Sad: Melancholy and Knowledge in Early Modern English Painting, Drama and Prose Renaissance Johns Hopkins University, Assistant Professor
Sharon Goetz Textual Portability and Its Uses in England, ca. 1250-1330 Medieval UC Berkeley, Mark Twain Project, Assoc. Editor
D. Rae Greiner Sympathetic Realism and the Nineteenth-Century Novel 19th-c British Indiana University, Assistant Professor
Joel Nickels Modernism Beyond the Subject: Literature, Spontaneity and the Social Body 20th-c American University of Miami, Florida, Assistant Professor
Ellen Samuels Fingerprinting the Nation: Identifying Race and Disability in America 19th-c American & Disability Studies University of Wisconsin, Assistant Professor
Paul Stasi Cosmopolitan Primitivism: Modernism, Imperialism and the Historical Sense 20th-c British & American SUNY Albany, Assistant Professor
Leonard Von Morze One of the one, many: Republicanism and social unity in American writing of the 1790s Early American University of Massachusetts, Boston, Assistant Professor


Dissertation Title Field Current Position
Adrienne Williams Boyarin Miracles of the Virgin in England: Origins, Development, Contexts Medieval University of Victoria, British Colombia, Assistant Professor
Mai-Lin Cheng Marginal Stories: British Romanticism and the Genres of Human Interest Romanticism University of Oregon, Assistant Professor
Dennis Childs Formations of Neoslavery: The Culture and Politics of the American Carceral State African American UC San Diego, Assistant Professor
Avilah Getzler First Person Multiplied: Plotting Narration in Victorian Multi-Narrator Novels 19th-c British Grand View College, Assistant Professor
Anthony Hale Performing Beyond the Pale: The Harlem and Irish Renaissance in Comparison 20th-c British & American Information Systems Technology, Mills College, Department Director
Marissa Lopez Nationalism, Narrative, and History: The Formal Case for Chicana/o Literature 19th-20th-c American & Chicana/o Studies UCLA, Assistant Professor
Padma Rangarajan Imperial Babel: Translation, Colonialism, and The Long Nineteenth Century Victorian & Postcolonial Colorado University, Boulder, Assistant Professor
Gary Schmidt Mungrell Forms: Cultural and Generic Hybridity in the English Renaissance Renaissance Boston University Academy, Faculty
Travis Williams Ethos and Enargeia: Literary and Rhetorical Strategies of Early Modern Mathematics Renaissance University of Rhode Island, Assistant Professor