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Vikram Chandra

Teaching Professor
B52 Hearst Annex
TTh 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm, and by appointment



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Graywolf cover Geek Sublime
Vikram Chandra is a wonderful novelist and apparently knows his way around an algorithm, too. His new book is an unexpected tour de force, different from anything he has done before… its ambition: to look deeply, and with great subtlety, into the connections and tensions between the worlds – the cultures – of technology and art. The book becomes an exquisite meditation on aes....
Love and longing in bombay Love and Longing in Bombay
Vikram Chandra has effected a number of miracles in his new book, a collection of interrelated short stories, which I believe stands up as a really fine novel… it is simply at ease, in a fashion rare in the contemporary novel, rarer yet when that novel addresses India, which seems to whisk many of those who try to approach it in prose into a frenzy. Love and Longing in Bombay is a book t....
Repr_big Red Earth and Pouring Rain
[An] ambitious and extraordinary first novel… Red Earth and Pouring Rain is above all a novel about the telling of stories. The effect is rich, heady, many-layered and deliberate… Though Chandra’s stories are told, they are above all written—and written in an incandescent, evocative, breathtaking style that piles clause upon clause, adjective upon adjective, image upon....
Pic-book5 Sacred Games: A Novel
This is a moment worth marking. It’s a landmark in the history of Indian English literature. Decades from now, we’ll be looking back at the roster of great contemporary novels, and the title Sacred Games will trip off our tongues blithely and reverentially. So let’s hear it for Vikram Chandra. He’s just written one of the most masterful works of literature, a great crime....

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