Anna Jones Abramson

Professional Statement

My research interests include global Anglophone modernism, affect theory, environmental and climate studies, postcolonilaism, and the study of violence. My current project  rescales modernism to atmospheric dimensions. Rather than emphasizing psychological interiority, I make a case for the centrality of vast transpersonal and environmental phenomena; and instead of following the traditional narrative of shock and rupture, I examine gradual climatic fluctuations.


Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

“Beyond Modernist Shock: Virginia Woolf’s Absorbing Atmosphere,” Journal of Modern Literature, Vol. 38(4),

October 2015.




“Authors and Others: The Ethics of Inhabiting in J.M. Coetzee’s Elizabeth Costello, “Otherness: Essays and Studies, Vol. 4(2), April 2014.




“The Voice Conveys Specific Emotions: Evidence from Vocal Displays,” with Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Dacher Keltner, Disa Sauter, Lara Sinicropi-Yao, Emotion: Journal of the American Psychological Association, Vol. 9(6), July 2009.



“In Faces We Trust: How Snap Judgments Shape Political Elections,” Greater Good: publication of the Greater Good Science Center, Vol. 5(2), September 2008.


“The Postpartum Brain,” Greater Good: publication of the Greater Good Science Center, Vol. 4(4), March 2008.


Current Research

The Age of Atmosphere: Air, Affect, and Technology in Modernist Literature

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