Jesse Cordes Selbin

Doctoral Candidate


Selected Publications and Papers Delivered


"'Read with Attention': John Cassell, John Ruskin, and the History of Close Reading," Victorian Studies 58.3 (2016): 493-521.

Review essay: “Sympathetic Distance and Victorian Form,” Qui Parle 22.2 (2014): 163-175.

Translation and introduction: Claude Lefort, “International Law, Human Rights, and Politics," Qui Parle 22.1 (2013): 117-37.

I have also published thoughts on teaching and pedagogy, including "Empowered Learning: History, Collaboratively" and "Learning From the Periphery: Collaboration and the Uses of History."


Recent presentations and conference organization 

"From Globe to Guild: Ruskin and the Worlded Reader," NAVSA (July 2015), Honolulu.

Panel chair, "Doubleness, Repetition, and Looping Back in the Victorian Novel," The International Society for the Study of Narrative Conference (March 2014), MIT. 

“‘Illustrated Labors: Text, Textile, and 'wise-talk' in Christina Rossetti's Sing-Song,” MLA (January 2014), Chicago.

"The Politics of Epigraphs: Forms of Reform in the Victorian Novel," Berkeley Graduate Conference in the History of British Political Thought (October 2013), Berkeley.


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