Chad Gregory Crosson

331 Wheeler
MW 9:30-10:30am

Professional Statement

I study Middle English literature with a focus on fourteenth-century poetry, particularly the works of Chaucer.  My research interests deal with the historical and theoretical influences on fourteenth-century poetic form, while my teaching deals more broadly with the literatures of Old and Middle English and modern medievalism.  My dissertation investigates how grammatical, scribal, and penitential practices helped to generate literary forms and ways of thinking about literary production.


Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

"Practices of Emendatio and the Canterbury Tales' Corrective Form."  Annual Congress on Medieval Studies; Kalamazoo, MI (2014)

Current Research

My dissertation in progress, "The Canterbury Tales and Chaucer's Corrective Form," investigates how Chaucer borrows concepts from scribal practices and medieval grammatica, along with their analogies to moral reform, both to create a narrative structure and to suggest a model for literary creation.

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