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R. D. Perry

Postdoctoral Fellow
by appointment

Professional Statement

R. D. Perry is associated with English, Medieval Studies, and Critical Theory.  He works primarily in the literature of late-medieval England, from Chaucer, Gower, and Langland, through to Hoccleve and Lydgate, up to the transitional figures of Dunbar and Skelton.  He also has interests in the influence of medieval philosophy on 20th-Century Critical Theory and philosophy and on the religious culture of medieval England after the Fourth Lateran Council.


Selected Publications and Papers Delivered



"Langland's French Song." Special Section on "Langland and the French Tradition." Yearbook of Langland Studies 30 (2016). forthcoming.

"The Earl of Suffolk's French Poems and John Shirley's Virtual Coteries." Special Colloquium on "Cambridge, Trinity College MS R.3.20: Cultures of Miscellany in Trilingual England." Studies in the Age of Chaucer 38 (2016). forthcoming.

“Lydgate's Danse Macabre and the Trauma of the Hundred Years War." Special Issue on “Medieval Trauma.” Literature and Medicine 33.2 (2015): 303-24.

“The Legitimacy of Medieval Dissent.” postmedieval Forum III: Dissent. Jan. 2013.   http://postmedieval-forum.com/forums/forum-iii-dissent/the-legitimacy-of-medieval-dissent-r-d-perry/.



“The Nation in Pain: Elaine Scarry’s Idiosyncratic Political Theory.” Review of Elaine Scarry, Thermonuclear Monarchy: Choosing Between Democracy and Doom (New York: Norton, 2014). qui parle 24 (2015): 173-84.


Selected Conference Papers:

“Langland’s French Song.” Langland and the French Tradition Roundtable. Sixth International Piers Plowman Conference, Seattle, WA.  July, 2015.

“Between Hobbes and Augustine: Arendt's Political Theology.” Post-War Scholarship and the Study of the Middle Ages I: Hannah Arendt. Program in Medieval Studies, UC-Berkeley Panel. 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI. May, 2015.

“The Earl of Suffolk’s French Poems and Lydgatian Coteries.” Cambridge, Trinity College, MS R.3.20: Cultures of Miscellany in Trilingual England. New Chaucer Society Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland.  July, 2014.

“‘The Middle Ages Appeal’: Erich Auerbach and Fredric Jameson.” Post-War Scholarship and the Study of the Middle Ages I: Auerbach. Program in Medieval Studies, UC-Berkeley Panel. 49th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI. May, 2014.

"Chaucer's Melibee and the Neighborly Sovereign."  Toward a Political Theology of the Neighbor Panel.  New Chaucer Society Conference, Portland, OR.  July 2012.

“Fleurs de Lis: Geoffrey Chaucer and Eustache Deschamps.” Chaucer Society Panel: In Memory of Charles Muscatine, Style. International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, MI. May 2011.

“When All Debts Are Paid in Advance: Mede and Salvation through Works in Piers Plowman.” Fifth International Piers Plowman Conference, Oxford, UK.  April 2011.

“Ostentatious Orthodoxy: E Musaeo 35 and Spectacular Religiosity in Fifteenth Century England.”  Lollard Society Panel: Shifting Paradigms. International Medieval Congress, Kalamzoo, MI.  May 2010.

Current Research

R. D. Perry's dissertation, titled "Chaucer's French Tradition: Coterie Poetics in Late Medieval England," is on the way coteries in dialogue with French literature influenced the development of the Chaucerian tradition. In addition to revising the dissertation into a book, he is working on a second project on the concepts of duty, obligation, and right in Late Medieval England. He is also writing articles on the relationship between networks, assemblages, and coteries, and on the influence of Thomist faculty psychology on Kant.

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