Rachel Trocchio

PhD Candidate in English, UC Berkeley

Professional Statement

I specialize in Early American literature through 1800, particularly American Puritanism; Jonathan Edwards; Loyalism; the American Gothic; quantitative history; literature and mathematics; the sublime, with broader focus on early modern religion and literature and the labors of knowledge production their relationship makes requisite. I am especially interested in the formal varieties of Puritan literature (including sermons and confessions), in the relationship between that literature and tenets of Reformed doctrine (predestination, original sin, limited atonement), and in the literary significance of religious motives and concepts (grace, conversion, the Trinity). In 2014-2015 I was Barra Dissertation Fellow at the McNeil Center for Early American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. My work has gratefully benefitted, in addition, from the support of the Massachusetts Historical Society, the Congregational Library, the Boston Athenaeum, and the Berkeley Center for the Center of Religion. 



Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

“Cause and Defect: Peter Oliver’s Subjunctive Loyalism.” Early American Literature 52.3 (Fall, 2017) [forthcoming].

“Egypt's Departed: Life of a Jewess.” Raseef22 (July, 2016) [in Arabic].


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