David Conigliaro Vandeloo

WF: 3-4, cafe babette


Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

5 poems (selected as runner-up by CA Conrad) in BOMB magazine (winter, 2014/15).

“Even a cloud is too formal:” Unbuilding with a Poetics of Delusion and Lisa Robertson’s The Weather (November, 2014, Paris-Sorbonne University).

2 poems in BafterC (volume 7).

“Anarchy and Aesthetics: Alice Notley and Lisa Robertson” (March, 2014, The Next Poetry Festival, Arkansas).

“The Crying of Lot 49: Exhaustion, or the physicality of erasure as aura” (November, 2013, University of California, Berkeley, Guest Lecture for “English 180: The American Novel”).

“The Refrain: Birdsong in Hegel and Deleuze” (March, 2013, ACLA, University of Toronto). 


Current Research

Anarchy, Aesthetics, Abstraction with an emphasis in delusional poetics.

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