Timesheet And Pay Date Fa Qs


Timesheet and Pay Date FAQ’s


Q:  Do I put the hours for the whole month on my timesheet even though the month hasn’t ended yet?
A:  Yes!  Estimate the hours you expect to work for the ENTIRE month.  Adjust any overage/underage in your next timesheet.
Q:  My supervisor is out of town.  Can I get email approval and have my supervisor cc you?

A:  As of October 2012 email approvals can only be used in rare cases if your supervisor is suddenly and unexpectedly out of town so please plan ahead.  In these rare cases, your email to your supervisor should state the number of hours worked and month worked.  Example:  “Please approve 16 hours worked in September 2012 for John Doe.” You will need them to sign the timesheet when they return.  

If you just attach a timesheet for your supervisor and the supervisor answers, “Approved”, I can’t see how many hours they are approving.  I will have to ask you to send another email for the above information.

Q:  Do you still need a timesheet from me if I get an email approval?
A:  Yes.  And I need your signature on the timesheet.    Keep a copy of the timesheet because you will need to get your supervisor's signature on it when they return and turn it in to me.
Q:  Who do I give my timesheet to?
A:  You can leave it in Jane Youn’s mailbox in 322 Wheeler Hall.
Q:  I know I’m going to be late turning in my timesheet, what should I do?
A:  Anytime you know you’re going to be late, contact Jane immediately.  Finance underscore English at Berkeley dot edu.
Q:  My appointment may be ending soon.  Do I need to do anything if I want to keep working?

A:  YES!  If you’re not sure of your appointment dates, look on the timesheet.  It will show your beginning and end date.   We cannot pay you until the appointment is extended.

If your appointment is ending soon and you want to continue working, your supervisor needs to contact Amanda and Jane immediately to extend your appointment. Your supervisor must state the new end date and you should update your timesheet.  It is your responsibility to know your start and end dates.

Q:  When are timesheets due/ When do I get paid?



Month                        Timesheet deadline                Paydate            Holidays         

July                                 7/18/12                             8/1/12                July 4

August                           8/17/12                             8/31/12

September                    9/17/12                             10/1/12               September 3

October                        10/18/12                           11/1/12

November                   11/16/12                            11/30/12           Nov 12, 22, 23

December                    12/12/12                             1/2/13             Dec 24, 25, 31

January                          1/18/13                             2/1/13                

February                        2/18/13                             3/1/13              Feb 18

March                             3/18/13                             4/1/13               Mar 29

April                                4/18/13                            5/1/13

May                                 5/17/13                            5/31/13              May 27

June                                6/18/13                             7/1/13             





Workstudy, Assistants, Editors:

Month                        Timesheet deadline               Paydate            Holidays        

July                                7/25/12                                8/8/12             July 4

August                           8/27/12                                9/7/12           

September                    9/26/12                              10/8/12            September 3

October                        10/26/12                             11/8/12

November                   11/26/12                               12/7/12        Nov 12, 22, 23

December                   12/17/12                               1/8/13          Dec 24, 25, 31    

January                       1/28/13                                  2/8/13          Jan 21    

February-May 2013 timesheets are due by the 25th of the month

June timesheet TBA





2013 Spring Semester change to biweekly (every 2 weeks) has been temporarily postponed.  Paydates were to be as noted below but new dates will be updated as soon as we know:

2/8, 2/13, 2/27, 3/13, 3/27, 4/10, 4/24, 5/8, 5/22, 6/5, 6/19, 7/3




Q:  I just started working, do I need to pick up my check from the department?

A:  Effective June 1, 2012, checks are mailed to your home address that we have in the system.  Direct Deposit takes 1 month to kick in so your first check will be mailed to you.

If you are receiving your first check or did not sign up for direct deposit, checks are placed in the mail for delivery by the US Postal Service one postal work day  prior to each payday.  Your home address on file is used as the delivery address

If you did not alert your HR person to a change in address, this information would not have been changed in the system.  See next question. 

Q:  How do I know what address it is being delivered to/How do I update my home address?


1. Login to At Your Service at https://atyourserviceonline.ucop.edu/ayso/login.do.

2. Enter your Username and Password
(If you do not have a password or need a new password, call the AYSO customer service at 1-800-888-8267)

3. In the ‘About’ section at the upper left, click ‘My Contact Information’

4. Enter the mailing address (US address required) for your payroll check delivery and click ‘submit’

If you need to set up a check delivery address different from your home address, email Amanda Descagnia: Adminofficer underscore English at Berkeley dot edu and state “Check Delivery Address Update” as the subject.

Q:  How do I sign up for Direct deposit? 

A:  To Enroll Online for Direct Deposit or the TotalPay card.


1.Login to Blu (CalNet ID is required) at blu.berkeley.edu

2.Click the ‘People’ tab at the top of the page

3.In the ‘Self Service’ section, select Direct Deposit or the ADP TotalPay Card and follow the instructions

 For more information on UCB electronic pay options please visit http://controller.berkeley.edu/payroll/PayOptions/index.htm.

 For questions or additional information, please email payhelp@berkeley.eduor you may call customer service at (510) 642-1336.