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Date posted: 08/05/2016
Intended Semester: Summer
Title/Employer: Wanted: Students to Transform the Student Technology Experience at UC Berkeley

Wanted:  Students to Transform the Student Technology Experience at UC Berkeley

The Student Information Systems (SIS) Project ( is replacing the current admissions, enrollment, registration, financial aid, student accounts, and advising systems with a modern, nimble and effective vendor-supported system. Students are needed to participate on a multi-disciplinary team consisting of professional and student analysts, developers, project managers and support staff. From the very beginning, the SIS Project has employed students to support this important effort: meet our current student team here (scroll to bottom of page).


Below are our current job openings. Click the blue titles to view the job descriptions. All positions begin immediately, have flexible schedules and continue through the fall.


Student Assistant for the SIS Information Security Team

Hours: 10-20 / week

Salary: $15.00

Description: Identify and organize system access requests, verify security requirements, create documentation that provides clarity on non-intuitive concepts and workflows.

Ideal Candidate: Strong organizational and administrative skills; friendly and approachable.


To Apply: Send cover letter and resume to Kamyar Marashi, SIS Information Security Team Lead, at


eLearning Assistant for the SIS Training Team

Hours: 10-40 / week

Salary: $15.00

Description: Create videos & online materials, provide training & administrative support.

Ideal Candidate: Powerpoint, Adobe Creative Suite, strong writing skills, friendly.


To Apply: Send cover letter and resume to Lisa Feldman, SIS Outreach and Training Lead, at

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