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Date posted: 12/15/2016
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Title/Employer: web startup based in Los Angeles/Palo Alto, looking for web developers and various non-programming positions


We are a stealth mode web startup based in Los Angeles/Palo Alto, looking for web developers and various non-programming positions. Our goal is to create an entirely new economic ecosystem and infrastructure that will allow millions to pursue their passions and have a unity of work and life.


We believe that all team members should have opportunities to explore, cultivate new interests, meet new people and do fun activities; therefore, all team members are required to pursue one hobby during the workday! One member takes gypsy jazz guitar lessons to play like Django Reinhardt, another bakes French baguettes, another practices martial arts, another volunteers at a silent film theater, and another audits a philosophy course at Stanford on "aestheticexperience." This is in addition to the several hours that we devote to reading, attending concerts and viewing films. We want to create a fun environment where people love to learn. And our goal of unity of work and life is inherent in all facets of our startup.

Team Background

·         Many team members have a background in web subculture: Soulseek, Usenet, RateYourMusic,, Obscure Music Blogs, and hacking/homebrew communities.

·         Many team members feel that the web is not as magical in 2016 as it was in 2009. We all believe that the web has many possibilities that have not been realized; we are working together to realize those possibilities.


·         Software engineer. Frontend engineer. Backend Engineer.

- At a certain point the Y-intercept does not matter; the slope does. It’s not where you begin, but the rate of your progress and learning. While we do expect a certain level of current expertise, we are looking for people who are eager to acquire new skills and challenge themselves.

***We have various non-programming positions open where you can learn the necessary         skills on the job and play an active role in achieving our vision.


·         Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve software.

  • Build large scale web applications.


Please send inquiries to

·         Web developers can send a portfolio or Github link.

·         Resumes (optional); in our experience, resumes convey little about the applicants.

·         In the email please include responses to the two questions enumerated below:

1. What about our startup intrigues or resonates with you from our short description?

2. If you had no economic concerns and could choose any activities and life trajectories, what life would you want to live and what activities would you want to do? (*There are no wrong answers.)

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